November meeting: AGM followed by mini-workshops

Permaculture Central Coast has been promoting the cause for many years and is useful to many people.  At its helm are interested and engaged people who have families, jobs, businesses, homes, farms and animals just like you.  These people are able to cope with their executive positions in their spare time but some have been doing so for quite a long time so would appreciate a break. Every year all the positions are declared vacant and nominations are called for.  Please consider nominating for a position because new people can bring fresh ideas. We definitely welcome and need new blood and new ideas.  It doesn’t matter if you have never done this sort of thing before because the present office bearers will be happy to give you any help you ask for.
Please consider this but even if you do not wish to nominate please don’t let it keep you from the last Information Night of the year.

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After the AGM, we have 6 speakers who have volunteered to run mini-workshops on these topics :

  • Sourdough bread making
  • Design a fruit guild
  • Dehydrating fruit, veg and other
  • Making lip balms, deodorant etc
  • Making paper beads and paper gift bags
  • Growing gourmet mushrooms
We won’t have time to consequently run these mini-workshops in one evening. So we’ll run them 3 times in parallel, like we did 2 years ago. This means that you can only attend 3 workshops so choose your topics carefully !
If there’s enough interest, we may run another series of mini-workshops next year.