Information Evening – Worm Farming with Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Huy's worm farms

Guest Speaker: Quoc-Huy Nguyen Dinh

Huy from The Little Worm Farm has started worm farming in 2014 knowing nothing on the subject. As he started doing some online research on how to fix the little issues he encountered, he got interested by what he discovered and got hooked. After couple of years with the compost worms, he got introduced to the black soldier fly larvae which happen to be occurring in his local area. With the help of the compost worms and black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), he’s now diverting the great part of his household food waste from landfills.

The talk he’ll be holding will be mainly about black soldier fly larvae. The black soldier fly (Hermetia Illucens) are a very special kind of flies that don’t eat and are not vector of diseases. Their offsprings, the larvae, are voracious eaters and will take care of types of food scraps you usually avoid giving to the compost worms which include but not limited to meat, dairy products and cooked meal.

Talk outline:

  • Closing the loop (complementing the compost worms with BSFL)
  • Hermetia Illucens
  • Voracious larvae
  • Amazing critters with many potentials
  • How to start your own BSFL composting at home
  • Photos & Videos
  • Q&A


Tuesday 15th May, 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start


Tuggerah Hall, Anzac Road, Tuggerah, directly opposite Hungry Jacks – within easy walking distance of Tuggerah Railway Station.

Parking is  across the road in the council carpark next to Hungry Jacks . Please do not park in the Pizza Inn carpark on the left-hand side and  do not park in the Real Estate carpark on the right-hand side. Both venues need space for their customers in the evening.


Members: free

Visitors: gold-coin donation


If possible, please bring a plate of food to share after the talk.