Guest speaker: Sandra Norman

We live on a property at Dooralong where we have our own small mixed orchard, vegetable garden, chickens, ducks, horses and some cattle.

I have been interested in organics for over 30 years, applying organic practices in our garden  and had an interest in biodynamics but did not begin using biodynamic principles on our property until 1999.  I attended a beginners course, run by the Hunter Biodynamic Group, in the late 90’s and I thought this is the direction I will now take.  For me, it was a natural step to move from organic practices to biodynamics.  I have been interested in gardening organically since the 70’s when I joined the Henry Doubleday organization. I  have always had some sort of vegetable garden.

My philosophy is that our health is very much dependent on the quality of the food we eat, which means it needs to be grown in healthy balanced soil without the use of chemicals and poisons.


Outline of presentation

  • Overview of what we do at our property
  • What is Bioynamics?
  • History of biodynamics
  • Overview of the various aspects of biodynamics
  • How can the principles be applied
  • How I use biodynamics on our property
  • Personal results of using biodynamic practices


Tuesday, 17th June, 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start


Tuggerah Hall, Anzac Road, Tuggerah, directly opposite Hungry Jacks – within easy walking distance of Tuggerah Railway Station.