Permaculture Chat – May 2014


By Shirley James, PCC Secretary

Another successful Gosford Show is over and now we can start to think about the next one.  Robyn did well with this year’s event.  It was great to see the Love Food Hate Waste team preparing delicious snacks and seeing people enjoying them—that was a new initiative and a very successful one.  Tasting different fruits was popular too and Eddie Lim did a great job introducing Monsterio, Pomegranate, Tamarillo and Guava to anyone who happened along. It was interesting to see how many people had seen Monsterio growing but didn’t realise it was delicious to eat; there were many surprised faces. Another new idea was the display of craft that the Craft Group set up  Well done Pauline, indefatigable leader of the group. We are indebted to the wonderful volunteers who set up, manned the stand, provided the display and packed up at the end of the day. I hope you all enjoyed your time at The Show as much as I did.

2014 Gosford Show 1 2014 Gosford Show 2 2014 Gosford Show 3

Heinz First Prize

The Activities Group have been busy and have organised an interesting set of activities which you can see on the website so don’t forget that the first one is on May 25th and should be most informative who knows what we will learn about Living on the Edge !

If any of you have something that is suitable for a Raffle Prize could you please bring it along and give it to David. Our supply of donated prizes is very low at the moment so your donation would be most appreciated.

If you can bring along a plate to share at supper time it makes for a more convivial atmosphere as we all have a chat.

The next Information Night is Tuesday May 20th and the topic is HEMP. Now that will be interesting to find out its many uses. Hope to see you all there and please remember to bring your bread tags so they can go to Africa and be exchanged for a wheel chair for someone in need