New Directory


We often get enquiries about where to find professional permaculture services like designers and landscapers because these small businesses usually don’t have a big budget to advertise. And people are not always aware of other volunteer organisations such as produce swaps, community gardens, food co-operatives, etc. In response to this need, we have launched the first ever online Permaculture directory for the Central Coast.

What is the PCC Directory

The PCC (Permaculture Central Coast) Directory will list Permaculture-related businesses and community groups on the Central Coast. We will also include our own local and special interest groups as PCC (Permaculture Central Coast) is growing and it’s hard for members to keep track of everything we do.

How to access the Directory

The Directory resides on our website and can be accessed from any page with the Directory link in the top menu. The most convenient way to browse the Directory is to explore categories like you would do with the Yellow Pages. There is also a comprehensive search page to find entries by name, suburb, etc.

How add a business listing to the Directory

Purchase a 1-Year Directory listing

First you need to purchase access to the Directory for your business on our website.

The cost is $20 per year on top of your regular PCC membership. To get free access for the 1st year, use the FREEDIRECTORY2022 coupon code at the Checkout. This free offer ends on 30/06/2022.

Screenshot of the Checkout page showing how to input the coupon code

Note that you need to be an active PCC member. You can join at any time. If you’re an existing member then log in to check your membership status and renew if necessary.

Submit your list

  1. From the Directory page, click or tap the Manage Directory listing button
  2. Click/tap the Add directory listing button
  3. Category selection: select at least one category then click/tap the Next button
  4. Listing information:
    – The Listing title and the Description are the only required fields.
    – Summary: this text appears on the Directory category page
    – Description: this text appears when someone opens your listing
    – Email and phone number: if possible, use your publicly available business contact details because once this information is public then spammers & scammers may use it to contact you.
  5. Click/tap the Next button.
  6. Images: you can upload up to 3 images.
    Limits: maximum 2 Mb file size, maximum 1024 pixels width and 1024 pixels height.
    Captions: optional but highly recommended for web accessibility purpose.
  7. Click/tap the Complete Listing button.
  8. Wait for our team to review your listing. When we approve it, you will be notified by email and the listing will be published.

How to edit a business listing

You can edit your listing at any time and as many times as you want. The process is similar to submitting a listing. You will need to wait for our team to review and approve your changes. During this review, your listing will temporarily removed from the Directory. We will strive to process these requests as quickly as possible but keep in mind that we are a volunteer organisation.

Free listing for selected community groups

Not-for-profit organisations can contact us directly for a free listing. We will review each request and publish these listings at our discretion publish.