Grace Springs Farm tour

Grace Springs Farm tour

On the last Sunday of May, PCC organised a guided tour of Grace Springs Farms. The farm owners, Virginia and Tony, showed us how they’ve designed their farm to raise animals and regenerate the land at the same. They go beyond organics by combining permaculture, holistic management and Joel Salatin (Polyface farm) techniques.

Cows, sheep, ducks and chickens are rotated through small areas so the rest of the paddocks have a chance to regrow. Virginia showed us how she milks a dairy cow by hand.

Tony is a skilled beekeeper and he has various types of beehives. He has even invented a round beehive ! He also manages the farm’s market garden.

Virginia and her daughter served us a scrumptious morning tea that alone justified the price of the ticket. They run regular farm tours so if you’ve missed out, check their website for upcoming events.