Kiwi fruit picking and propagating


Come along to this unique hands-on workshop that will…

  • Teach you how to grow & care for kiwi fruit vines
  • Take home some free cuttings
  • Harvest some fruits (if they’re ready of course!)


Take with you

  • Your sharpened secateurs/loppers
  • Gloves
  • Plastic bags to take your cuttings
  • Your own refreshments

 Where to meet

We’ll meet at the Forest of Tranquillity in Ourimbah no later than 2.30pm and then car pool to the kiwi fruit farm. So please arrive on time or accept to miss the boat! :)

You need to be a member to attend. You can join on the spot ($30/family or $20/single). To book your place, please click here or contact Lexxie by email :