Is your veggie patch self-regulated?


4APPLY SELF-REGULATIONiconThere was another free education activity held by Permaculture Central Coast this weekend and we explored how permaculture principle “apply self-regulation and accept feedback” work in the garden and in our social systems.

With brainstorming, discussions and visits to the garden, we looked at how permies (permaculture gardeners) can set up a self-regulated veggie patch and adopt a non-judgemental feedback-acceptance mechanism in the garden.

This principle is often underestimated as more obvious principles such as “obtain a yield” or “produce no waste” are more readily catching attention. It is however one of the most powerful principles that help sharpen our permaculture design skills and improve our gardening skills.

And as always, there was a plethora of lovely food, delightful company, new friends, and stuff to share (seeds, seedlings, resources).

It was good to see kids too at this event – we’ll be planning activities just for them too in the near future.

These free educational events are hosted by volunteer members and led by trained local permaculture facilitator.  Thanks for your support and stay tuned for upcoming workshops!