Edges are everywhere. It’s flabbergasting!


Today’s workshop certainly helped us see edges in a different light. We explored many examples where they are naturally occurring, either in the physical landscape, the social realm or even within the Self. Fabulous discussions sprung up which made our minds stop and think, share and absorb. Very positive energy in the group, fabulous sharing (oh and the food, you’re all PerMaster-Chefs!).


We carefully observed various landscapes at our host, Valley’s End Farm, and trained our eyes at identifying naturally occurring edges, why they’re there and how we can replicate them in a cultivated ecology system or in intangible permaculture applications. We’ve also seen some easy man-made edges which functions are to accumulate biodiversity in one particular spot and let nature do the work – in the case of these photos, restoring degraded landscapes.

manmade edge - logs on contour  Logs on contour - manmade edge

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who came and brought some scrumptious meals.

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Go well,