About Sunday event


From Alexia, the host for Sunday event

Dear all,

I am writing from the library.

Since the Tuesday storm, we’ve got no power, no phone, no mobile coverage and until yesterday we were isolated by floods and trees on roads. It’s like we’re back in the 19th century, cooking over woodstoves, eating what’s in the garden (and the slowly defrosting freezer too!), lighting with oil lamps and candles and bathing with camping showers!

We’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do and I don’t anticipate our place to be ready for Sunday – so I’ll have to cancel it.

So until I connect again at the library wifi, the only way to contact me is with smoke signals or pigeons. Or leave a message on the comments below.

But again, we’re all ok here and spirits are high.

One thing I must add and that I hope you will read: it’s good to be prepared and permaculture has surely proven to work in a case like this freak storm – we’ve got shelter, food, fuel and we’re barely noticing that the power or phones are gone. In short, we’re happy as Larry. This is giving me tons of activities ideas for PCC so stay put

PS: have you got a heavy duty chainsaw to lend? 😉